Joy Ride


AMBC Joy Ride’s mission is to get ladies on bikes! We focus on creating a welcoming, non-intimidating environment for all women regardless of skill level.

What we do

We have several riding and learning opportunities throughout the year that utilize our beautiful local trail systems. We host group rides and events where we’ll tackle riding everything from beginner green trails to double black diamond challenges, wayfinding so you can go confidently on your own, general bike maintenance, and trail building events to give back to this awesome cycling community!

We are here to help ladies feel comfortable in the woods. No one gets left behind, and everyone leaves with a big smile. Joy Ride events are FUN social gatherings and most often involve prizes, potlucks, a cool swim or a good flop under a shady tree!

How to get started

Show up to one of our FREE, yep, that’s right, FREE events! (In the spirit of AMBC, which has always been donation driven and volunteer based, we would encourage you to contribute to the larger effort of AMBC by JOINING as a full member or making a DONATION.)

You’ll need the following:

  • A mountain bike in good working condition – if you are new to the sport we can connect you with a shop for a rental
  • A properly certified and correctly fitting helmet
  • Water and snacks to get you through the ride
  • A good attitude – bikes are fun!

For more information follow along on social @ambcjoyride on instagram, AMBC Joy Ride on FaceBook , or shoot us a note

For volunteer or sponsorship opportunities reach out  We can always use the help!

We’d love to see you out there!