AMBC Mountain Bike Trails

The Appalachian Mountain Bike Club currently maintains mountain biking trail networks in and around Knoxville Tennessee, including the Knoxville Urban Wilderness trail network and I.C. King Park in south Knoxville, Concord Park in west Knoxville, and Sharps Ridge Park in north Knoxville.

Ride Dirt Trails—Not Mud Trails!

Help keep these trails great for you and others by not riding when they’re muddy.

Riding on a mud trail wrecks the trail. It leaves ruts, contributes to erosion, and creates an unridable, hard to fix trail surface. If you are leaving a visible rut, the trail is too muddy to ride.

Warm weather during Spring and Fall is especially critical for trails as the freeze-thaw cycle results in a soft surface. If trails are muddy, please ride on pavement or grave until the trails dry out or refreeze.

Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness

photoAppalachian Mountain Bike Club provided over 1300 man hours for the layout and construction of trails in Hastie Natural Area. 3.5 miles of bike trails were developed for the 75-acre park. From there, AMBC worked with Knox County, Ijams Nature Center, TWRA, and numerous private land owners to develop approximately 35 miles of multi-use natural surface trails at Forks of the River WMA, Ijams/Ross Marble Quarry, Marie Myers Park, and on private land in south Knox County.

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Look for the Urban Wilderness logo blaze on South Loop trails, which highlight all the parks in the Urban Wilderness corridor along a 12.5 mile loop.

Concord Park

concordWest Knoxville’s Concord Park lies on the shores of Fort Loudoun Lake off of Northshore Drive. Park in the swimming pool lot. GPS waypoints (.gpx), maps, and driving directions for some of the trail heads are located at trailhead parking. The trail system at Concord lies both east and west of the of the parking lot. East of the parking lot the trail system consists of 5 loops and a trail. The entrance trail to these trails runs eastward from the parking lot. Stacked west to east are the Mainline Loop, the Middle East Loop and the Orient Loop. Within Mainline is the Inner Loop. On the north side of Middle East is the Lakeside Loop which begins and ends very close to where Middle East connects with Mainline and runs primarily along the lake. Connecting two points on the south edge of Mainline is the Golf View Trail. To the west of the parking lot lies the Western Loop which begins and ends within sight of the main parking area. Short connecting trails are found throughout the trail system and make navigation sometimes confusing until you get the lay of the land. Map | Trailhead on Google Maps

I.C. King Park

IC King ParkI.C. King offers over 7 miles of single track mountain biking trails for all levels of riders, just off the shores of the Knob Creek inlet on the Tennessee River in South Knox County. Each section of the park offers two options for riders who want fast, flowing shoreline trails or twisting higher elevation climbs. Trailheads and parking on the north and south sides of the park. MapTrailhead on Google Maps

Sharps Ridge

knox_sharpsridge1Sharps Ridge Memorial Park has some of the best views of the Knoxville skyline, just off of Broadway in North Knoxville. AMBC is currently developing the trails at Sharps Ridge, which will eventually total approximately 8 miles. Currently, there are 4 miles of well-draining singletrack trail. While the trails are under development, trailheads are currently unmarked- but can be found just across the road from the first picnic area, and just to the left of the cell tower at the end of the road. MapTrailhead on Google Maps