AMBC Group Mountain Bike Rides

AMBC hosts regular group rides during the warmer months (March – October) / Daylight Saving Time. Check this page, the  AMBC BlogAMBC’s Facebook page, or follow AMBC on Twitter for updates on these and other group rides.

Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness

This is AMBC’s Big Group ride – we tour the trails of Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness (including Ross Marble, Marie Myers Park, Hastie Natural Area, Forks of the River and more), every Tuesday evening, weather permitting. Riders meet at the Meads Quarry parking lot ready to ride at The ride usually has 30 or more riders, which always break off into two or three sub-groups, depending on skill level, familiarity with the trails, or desire to ride hard or take it easy! Come back to the parking lot for dinner from one of Knoxville’s many excellent food trucks. Follow AMBC on Facebook for weekly updates on ride locations and food trucks.

Ride dirt trails, not mud trails!

In the event of rain (or rain in the past couple of days), group rides will be canceled or moved. We strongly encourage you to ride some of our faster-drying trails at Sharps Ridge or Loyston Point when we’ve had rain — they’re built to drain water quickly and handle traffic during and after rain, when others aren’t.