William Hastie Celebration!


At 3pm on Friday, December 10th club City leaders, Appalachian Mountain Bike Club trail-building enthusiasts and Urban Wilderness advocates will gather at the William Hastie Natural Area to celebrate a 27-acre expansion of this section of the Urban Wilderness – as well as the start of construction on 2 miles of new trails in the park.

*** NOTE: Parking at the site is extremely limited, please Hike or Bike into the Trailhead at 1302 Margaret Road. Parking and Shuttle is available at the Anderson School Trailhead, 4808 Prospect Road. Shuttle service will begin at 2:15. 

“We’re excited about the diversity of experiences made possible by this most recent park addition,” said AMBC Executive Director Matthew Kellogg. “The William Hastie new trail plan will increase beginner trail opportunities within the park, add an additional intermediate loop from the trailhead, and provide two-directional mountain bike trails to the rockier south side of the new property.”

Last spring, AMBC put the 27 acres under contract, with the intent of adding it to the City’s William Hastie Natural Area park. More than 300 proud land donors contributed to make the purchase a reality, with the City of Knoxville funding $100,000, roughly half the purchase investment. Vee Hollow in Townsend matched donations for the land purchase, and Harper Auto Square has pledged a $20,000 matching donation toward construction. (Interested donors, visit www.ambcknox.org/donate.)

Click here for a copy of the Media Advisory

September 2020 Meeting Recap


Looks like a group hit North Dakota (Maah Daah Hey Trail) and Duluth, MN. Some of you will remember that we competed against Duluth in the Bell Built Grant. The trails were super impressive and close in to the city. Would absolutely recommend a visit.


Dave Stanley, looking like a mountain man and reporting in: We have an additional 3” of recent rain and things are WET. In comparison last September has almost zero precipitation. We are now looking at a solid #2 spot for the wettest year recorded!

Dave has recently been to Bentonville, Arkansas and said it’s exactly as you’ve heard – “Disneyland for bikes” with a surprisingly good art scene.

Kellogg says it’s halfway to Colorado and worth the trip!


Unfortunately, the annual TVB checkpoint race was cancelled due to Covid BUT in a surprising turn of events, many of the entrants opted to donate their entry fee to the club! Thanks to Tennessee Valley Bicycles and those generous non-racers, we’ll be getting a big check for over $700!


We’ve had lots of people working in the woods!
  • SO many – 8 snags in concord alone.
  • Treadwork at Lippincott – yay Vinnie!!!
  • Dave Williams has been working on Barn Burner, Cruze Valley Run, Floyd Fox and we’ve had quite a few small groups out working on various things at Baker Creek.
  • Let us know if you want to take on a specific project and keep the trail reports coming! trails@ambcknox.orgwith (Location and photo please!)


  • The Baker Creek Bike Park grand opening was a hit! We had good turn out and super shredder, Mayor Kincannon, had some good riding and life wisdom for the crowd. BIG THANKS to the City and County for all of the hard work!
  • Saturday October 3rd is Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day! There aren’t any organized events this year but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out there!
  • Knoxville Adventure Collective has a fun event coming up – Maskerade Adventure Race October 1-8th
  • Log your miles for the Norris Dam 84 Mile Challenge – on horse! on foot! on your bike!
  • Everyone’s favorite 12 hour race has been postponed . Check in withCVTA for updates on the Hill of Truth.
  • Speaking of CVTA – The Dirt Lab grand opening is October 9th!
  • The No Business 100 is October 16th Big South Fork / Picket State Park and they could us some volunteers!
  • VOTE! October 5th is the registration deadline and early voting begins on October 14th in Knox county.


  • The Knoxville Regional TPO is working to create a long-term vision for the transportation system in our region and they could use your input.
  • Memberships continue to roll in! Thanks to you all who’ve checked your status and re-upped. We are 50% above last year!
  • Jeremy Walker’s eagle scout project was growing pumpkins and he harkened back to those fun days to create the first AMBC Pumpkin Sale! Thanks to Sokno Taco for letting us use their yard. We sold out and raised some money for trails! Look for us next year with MORE BIGGER PUMPKINS!


It’s going to be different but let’s make the best of it! We do know we have FOUR awesome things happening and details on all will be available soon:
  1. SUPER RAD bike raffle with Harper’s Bike Shop!
  2. FRESH merchandise at an in-store booth at REI! Want to VOLUNTEER??? Sign up here!
  3. EPIC silent auction (send items to info@ambcknox.org)!
  4. FUN checkpoint ride organized by Dirty Bird Events!


Matthew and Ellen Kellogg have a tiny mountain biker brewing! The wee future shredder is due in November! BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thanks for tuning in, folks! We’ll be back again next month to do it all again!


June 2020 Meeting Recap

June 2020 FACEBOOK LIVE Meeting Notes

Matthew Kellogg and Wes Soward both gave this month’s updates from their respective locations at the Eastern terminus of the Urban Wilderness! Our weather person, Dave Stanley, was on location in the Sahara.

If you weren’t able to catch the broadcast, you can do it HERE.


Mr. Stanley says there’s been just enough rain to “keep the forums interesting”. It’s hot and sometimes it rains. We are still up 13 inches for the year. Happy Solstice! The days are long and you have many hours to ride.


  • Our National Trails Day “Small Projects” were a success and lots of work got done at Concord, IC King, Hastie, Transfarm, and Burnett Creek Road (adopted for little pick-up duties)! Big (not small) thanks to all of our great and knowledgeable crew leaders!
  • We were up to $7500 worth of trail maintenance hours for the last month!
  • Stay tuned for more organized opportunities. If you want to head out alone or with your quaranteam, we’ll provide tools. Give us a shout at info@ambcknox.org and don’t forget to keep track of your hours.
  • Corey has covered A LOT of ground with the weed whacker and is currently averaging about a 41 minute mile. Kellogg thinks “that’s a little slow.. :)”


  • Knoxville Bike Racing Wednesday race series has started. Please keep social distancing in mind if you participate.
  • July 30th – Teton Gravity Research and AMBC will host the premiere of Accomplice at the Parkway drive-in theater in Maryville. Grab your tickets here!
  • We are seeking ways to stay engaged while distancing. Shout if you’ve got good ideas!


Because why not! Wes (from way up high) showed viewing audience the progress out our sunflower project with Urban Horticulture Supply.

‘In other AMBC agriculture news – Crossing our fingers for a good crop of AMBC fundraising pumpkins..


  • Raccoon Mountain is back open.
  • Matthew and Carly from Catalyst Sports went to Loyston for a ride, they’re riding at various trail locations to learn more about how adaptive cycles can utilize existing networks.
  • Our Elkmont Exchange beer, in its SERIOUSLY AWESOME CAN (YAY Sara Whitt!), is out and available at all of your favorite watering holes. Mary Beth says “chop those tops off and use as a cute vase when you are finished”.
  • There’s an open comment period for the Nantahal -Pisgah Forest plan. Make your voice heard HERE. Keep an eye on surrounding SORBA chapters for more outdoor initiatives.
  • We were awarded a grant from REI! In years past we’ve used these funds for lots of cool stuff (hello awesome trail-side water fountains)! This year we’ll be working on making the Baker Creek to #yearroundgetdown connection all weather.
  • Speaking of REI – they are open which means the in-store AMBC zone is too (touch, feel and try things on in person) Did you take care of your dad on Father’s Day? He wouldn’t mind some belated swag!
  • Speaking of swag – we’ve got Sara Witt’s rad beer can design in note card and poster form at REI and in our online store!
  • Chris DeRolph, local cartographer, has created a super cool map that is available for pre-order. Proceeds will go to the AMBC and Legacy Parks!
  • Quinn reports that the new trail a Norris is starting to get good! We’ve got a meeting on the books to discuss some fresh connections out there so it’s only getting better!
  • BIGGEST NEWS OF THE MEETING – YES, YOU GUESSED IT – THE BAKER CREEK BIKE PARK IS OPEN. OPEN WE SAY. OPEN! There’s still some site work and other finishing up to do but you can ride your bike! Give former Mayor Rogero and current Mayor Kincannon a BIG shout out if you have the opportunity. They both have been serious champions of this project. We’ll have a proper celebration one day!


  • Zirkle + volunteers have been continuing to tweak and harden Victor Ashe.
  • We’ve moved the club machine out to Far East and are plotting a climbing line that will get you to two downhill runs ending at Burnett Creek Road. There’s some pretty hard digging that needs to happen in steep terrain and we’d welcome help!


  • IS UP! Thanks to everyone that has become a new member or renewed. The system does send a reminder when you are set to expire and you can configure things monthly or annually.
  • IMBA’s drive runs through the end of this month and you will be entered in the drawing if you auto renewed during this time.

Thanks for tuning in, folks! We’ll be back again next month to do it all again!


May 2020 Meeting Recap

Weatherman, Dave Stanley, reporting from the front lines of Hurricane Meryl

There were no polls during this evening’s show, but we’ve definitely upped our graphics game.

If you weren’t able to catch the live broadcast, you can catch it HERE.


  • It’s pretty wet out there kids. You know the drill – Sharps, Loyston, #yearroundgetdown and Baker on slightly dryer days.
  • Poachers aren’t cool. The new Baker Creek Bike Park is NOT open. We’ll mention this again.
  • Weatherman, Dave Stanley, reporting in from the angry outer band of hurricane Meryl gave the latest stats:
    • We are 15” over our normal rainfall for 2020
    • 4.5” over last year at this time – and last year was WET
    • Temps are pleasant in the upper 70s and low 80s
    • He’s got a 100% chance of kicking some cash towards local mountain biker and all around good guy, Scotty Wilson. Scotty had a bad crash and messed his pretty face up. Give HERE if you are so inclined.


Obviously our regularly scheduled work party events have been cancelled but you all are CRUSHING IT solo style.

  • You’ve logged 226.5 solo work hours since the last meeting
  • 26 more people contributed their valuable time since last meeting
  • All of this time equals $6,000 of in-kind donations
  • We’ve had people:
    • Work on drainage and improvements at Ft. Dickerson and at IC King
    • Cut SO MANY trees at Concord – GO HALSTEADS!
    • Work on Transfarm and Far East
  • Build new trail! Hello Keith Crouch and his “Mayor’s Hot Tub” project. Named for former Mayor Rogero’s hot tub which he now possesses. Mayor Kincannon rode it the other day and had a delightful time. Go check it out.


Club member and trained chef, Chad Riggs, who has been cooking YOU ALL (seriously lots) of people dinner at Fall Fest has been presented with his official AMBC apron. The apron was donated by Marc Nelson Denim and adorned with a leather “AMBC” patch from the multi-talented Jay Basile. THANK YOU CHAD!


  • Lots of STRONG Knoxvillians participated in the Giddy-Up for Good Everest Challenge. They rode enough vertical feet to accumulate the same elevation gain as it would take to reach the summit of Everest. 29,029 feet with no stopping. Yes, you read that correctly. The event raised funds for COVID relief.
  • Knox Adventure Collective hosted Solo de Mayo, a multi-sport solo Strava race. Keith Crouch (previously mentioned in the Mayor’s Hot Tub segment) was the big winner. “Way to win, Keith”.
  • The TVB Checkpoint race has been cancelled.
  • Knox Bike Racing has their updated schedule online.

National Trails Day 6/6/20- We have cancelled our weekend of camping fun. Big sad. Instead we will be hosting a variety of socially distanced work parties. They’ll be limited to a leader + nine people and tools will be provided. CHECK OUT THE SMALL PROJECTS HERE!!!


It’s a “hoppy kolsh” brewed by Elkmont Exchange and currently available at their North Broadway location. It should be available at both Trailhead spots, Casual Pint, McScrooges, Sokno Taco, and Cycology Bike Shop within the week! POW!

The super RAD can was designed with the talented Sara Witt! Give her an appropriately distanced shout out if you see her on the trail.


Yes, we know it’s tempting but please don’t ride the park. It is still an active construction site. We are patiently waiting on some work to get finished up, as well as signage. “Keep off, no really.”


It ain’t no game!

We’ve got a fresh batch of our ever-popular lightning bolt socks in stock! The poison ivy is not messing around out there y’all and neither should you. Protect those legs.

Big thanks to everyone who has been placing orders. We were hoping to be outfitting the masses through our partnership with REI but.. well you know. Every order makes a difference and helps maintain trail.


  • Troy University is doing a survey on traveling and mountain biking. It will take less than 10 minutes of your time.
  • We applied for an IMBA grant for trail counters. It would be cool and beneficial for more trail user data. Fingers crossed, and we’ll keep you updated.
  • IMBA is having their membership drive RIGHT NOW through June. You can win things. It’s been pretty great to see everyone’s membership roll in – we are up 30%! JOIN!


  • trails@ambcknox.org – report any downed trees or issues you spot on your rides. Please drop a pin and take a picture. Any info you can provide is helpful.
  • info@AMBCknox.org – if you want to check out any of our tools for trail maintenance. Don’t forget to log and report your hours pretty please!

Thanks for tuning in, folks! We’ll be back next month to do it all again!