Works in Progress

Works in Progress

AMBC has several projects in the works. The work that AMBC does can’t be completed without your help. Please consider becoming a member or making a donation towards a project.

I.C. King

AMBC working with Knox County Parks and Recreation to build out trails on the east entrance side. With the trial plan now in review and trail building funds allocated AMBC looks to assist the county with construction.

Concord Park

AMBC working with Knox County Parks and Recreation to sign the existing trails at Concord, for the time being trail apps like Trailforks and MTB Project are the most up to date. The County is reviewing the proposed trail plan for the far south areas of Concord and AMBC will assist with its implementation.

Sharp’s Ridge

Legacy Parks Foundation is working to build out trails on the north side of Sharp’s Ridge including Knoxville’s first adaptive cycling trail.

Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness

-Baker Creek Preserve

The City of Knoxville in completing the bike park plan at Baker Creek Preserve. Pump track jump line and skills area are now OPEN! But please be mindful of construction in adjacent areas as work continues to connect the greenway.

-Extending the Urban Wilderness network

AMBC is working to extend the Urban Wilderness network further East on private parcels. This will extend the mileage on the South end of the network as well as provide a hardwood forest experience on the periphery of the existing trails. Much of this work is not on physical maps, please use trail apps like Trailforks and MTB project as they are updated before printed maps.

-Marie Myers Park

AMBC is working to complete the all-weather trails at Marie Myers — the last trail to be armored will be Victor Ashe. For Access to the all-weather trails you can snag one of the few parking spots at 4715 Sevierville Pike or you can park at Baker Creek Preserve and use Red Bud Crest trail to gain access to Marie Myers. AMBC will be monitoring Red Bud Crest and making adjustments to the trail for all-weather use in 2020.


Working with the City of Knoxville, AMBC will be updating signage in the Urban Wilderness throughout 2020.